Opt ins and opt outs

Regardless of the results of the assessment the choice to remain in the pension scheme if you are added automatically, or join it if you are not, is yours.

If you are enrolled and you don’t want to be in the scheme you can opt out. You will need to do this in writing, and depending on the pension scheme arranged by your employer, you may be able to do this online. If you opt out then any money deducted from your salary will be returned to you.

[highlight]Opting out is not the same thing as leaving the scheme. Opting out applies only to the first month following your enrolment. You can only have a refund if you opt out in the first month. If you leave the scheme after this time you will not get a refund.[/highlight]

If you are not automatically enrolled and you want to join the scheme you can opt in. Your employer may be obliged to contribute to your pension but this will depend on whether you are assessed as a non-eligible or entitled worker.