Independent advice for families

Family can mean different thing to different people. What it means to us is that you have to account for the needs and hopes and plans of more than just you.

Whether the advice you need involves a couple, or includes children, or covers multiple generations, we can help you get these plans in place.

From protection to pensions, or trusts to investments, we’ll treat your family as carefully as our own.

Financial advice for your family

Financial planning for families is something we have been doing for over forty years.

Your plan needs to take into account the risks and goals and needs of a group of people that will change and grow over time, just like they will.

It needs to be flexible enough to change with you, but reliable enough that you can count on it. And it needs to do all this within your budget.

Our advisers can help you identify your most important needs, and put a plan in place to support them.

Why use BBi Financial Planning?


Our advisers have obtained the highest level of qualification in UK financial services


With decades of experience between them our advisers have seen it all.


We use the best tools available to make sure our research is as good as it gets.


We invest heavily in expert compliance support to ensure our staff and processes are always under scruitiny.


We have relationships with tax and legal experts to provide you with a holistic support network.


A service agreement with us means you will be able to speak to your chartered adviser. You won’t be stranded with someone else.

Benefits of advice for your family

Families used to mean only two parents and 2.4 children. Planning needs were simple, and so were the options available.

Society today can be a very different place, and your families needs might no longer fit the traditional image – or perhaps they still do.

Either way, our advisers can work with you to identify the most important planning needs for you, and provide you with our expert recommendations. 

We can also help you with more complicated planning arrangements and advice, such as trusts, to make sure your family has the right plan and protection for their unique circumstances.

Why choose BBi Financial Planning to advise your family?

Independent Advisers

We are proud of our independence.
It means no-one tells us what to do but you.
You can trust us to put your needs and goals first.

Chartered Professionals

We are a chartered firm and our advisers hold chartered status.
This puts us in the small elite number of firms in the UK, and means we uphold the highest standards.

Bespoke Cover

Our advisers will take the time to understand exactly what you need protected and why, and advise you on the most suitable options for your budget.

Why you need personal advice for your family


You want the best for your family, but knowing the optimum course of action to take can be hard.

We can give you peace of mind by helping you to cut through the noise and identify your priorities.


Our advisers are highly qualified and highly experienced, which means they can recommend specific financial products or general financial plans which take into account your personal circumstances.


As a fully independent firm our only priority is our client. 

The only person we listen to when making our recommendations is you so your needs and concerns are the only thing we take into account. 

Download our guide to family protection

Our twelve-page guide provides more information on four of the most common types of protection insurance which could be used to protect you and your family.

It includes an brief introduction to each product, plus useful information to help you make sense of some common terminology.

When you’re ready, get back in touch for a bespoke quote for your circumstances.

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