Personal financial planning for you and your family

Personal financial planning for families and individuals is at the heart of what we do.

If you need advice on your protection and insurance, investments and retirement, or general financial planning, we can help.

Financial plans to suit your cirumstances

We all have different needs because we are all in different situations. A young family will have different financial goals to an older couple or singles of any ages.

Plus as families come in all shapes and sizes you need advice which can deliver on the things that are important to you.

Our advisers will discuss your circumstances, your situation, your needs and your wants, before we make any recommendations.

And when we do give you advice, you can be sure it is fully independent.

Why use BBi Financial Planning?


Our advisers have obtained the highest level of qualification in UK financial services


With decades of experience between them our advisers have seen it all.


We use the best tools available to make sure our research is as good as it gets.


We invest heavily in expert compliance support to ensure our staff and processes are always under scruitiny.


We have relationships with tax and legal experts to provide you with a holistic support network.


A service agreement with us means you will be able to speak to your chartered adviser. You won’t be stranded with someone else.

Why you need expert, independent advice

There are thousands of options available, ranging from simple life insurance to complicated trust-based investments. How can you be sure you have picked the right options for your circumstances?

BBi Financial Planning is a completely independent firm staffed by experienced and qualified advisers. The recommendations we make are only ever based on your situation and needs.

No one guides our recommendations but you. Our advice puts you first.

How BBi Financial Planning can help individuals and families of all kinds

Proudly Independent

BBi Financial Planning is an independent planning firm.

This means our only responsibility is to you. We only make recommendations we believe in.

Professional Network

We have relationships with tax and legal experts to provide you and your business with a holistic support network.

We can also work with your existing professional support. The choice is yours.

Proven high standards

Our status as a chartered firm with chartered advisers puts us in the top 5% of firms nationwide.

We maintain this standard via thorough continued professional development and regular independent compliance audits.