What is critical illness insurance?

Insurance for critical illness cover pays out on the diagnosis and survival of a range of serious medical conditions such as a heart attack, cancer or stroke. You probably know someone who has suffered from a heart attack or cancer.

Research says around half of us will suffer from cancer at some point in our lives.

Advancements in medical care mean you are more likely to survive these serious conditions than ever before. The right insurance can pay for treatment or simply pay your bills to give you peace of mind to help you recover.

Critical Illness Insurance Cover

In the course of your working life you are more likely to be diagnosed with a serious illness and survive than you are to die.

People often think their life is the most important thing to cover, but what if something happens and you survive?

Critical illness cover can provide a cash sum to help you recover or replace lost income while you do.

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Benefits of critical illness insurance

Claim statistics from leading insurance companies show that by 2020 half of all people will get cancer at some point, and you are six times more likely to claim under this than under life assurance.

If you have children you can add cover for them too.

Life insurance is a comfort for your family if you die, serious illness cover provided by this plan is a comfort for everyone if you survive.

Disadvantages of critical illness insurance

Like any other insurance product, critical illness insurance is suddenly priceless if you ever need it.

A major element of this type of cover is that you need to survive your critical illness diagnosis in order to make a claim (typically for 30 days). This means that something like a fatal heart attack may not pay out if the victim dies from it.

That’s why it is so important to pair life insurance with critical illness where possible.

When you combine critical illness cover and life insurance, you get the benefit of a claim if you survive the illness, or the claim is paid even if you don’t. It means you and your family can benefit from your careful planning, should tragedy strike.

You don’t need to arrange separate life & critical illness insurance plans to make sure you are fully covered, but that flexibility might be just right for you. It all depends on your circumstances and needs, so give us a call, and we can advise you on the best options for you and your situation.

Why choose BBi Financial Planning for critical illness insurance?

Independent Advisers

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Chartered Professionals

We are a chartered firm and our advisers hold chartered status.
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Bespoke Cover

Our advisers will take the time to understand exactly what you need protected and why, and advise you on the most suitable options for your budget.

Could a critical illness protection plan be right for you?

Pair it with life assurance

Critical illness cover pays out on diagnosis as long as your survive. But what if you die from a heart attack? Combining life insurance with critical illness cover provides a robust protection solution for you, your family or your business.

Buy only the cover you need

Even a small amount of cover can be life-changing. Covering your entire mortgage may be expensive, but covering five years payments could be very affordable. We can talk you through the options and make sure you have the cover you need at the right price for you.

Flexible options

Inflation can be the enemy of financial planning. Don’t undermine your cover by neglecting it. On the other hand if you want to cover a liability that gets smaller over time, like your mortgage, we can tailor the plan to that too.

What are the benefits of critical illness cover?

Critical Illness insurance can pay you a lump sum on the diagnosis and survival of a defined critical condition, like a heart attack, stroke, or cancer.

Prioritise your costs

No restrictions on how to spend the money

Pay off your mortgage, or part of it, replace lost income, pay for specialist treatment or just enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a financial cushion. The choice is yours.

Take out the cover you need

Make your cover more affordable

Critical illness cover can cost around four times more than equivalent life cover – but do you need the equivalent. Keep your costs down by working out what you really need to protect. We can help.

More valuable than life assurance

A serious illnesses is more likely than death

During your working life, critical illness claims are six times more likely than a death claim. We all know someone who has had cancer or a heart attack. Protect yourself with the right cover.