Planning ahead with your money

Every financial life needs a plan, just like every journey needs a destination.
Without knowing  where you’re going, and why, you will drift around, distracted by every interesting thing on the way.
It’s the same with your money. Without a good understanding of what you want to achieve, the risks you’re willing to take (or not), and the budget you have to get there, you’re unlikely to get where you want to go.

What do you need in your financial plan?

First you need to understand your goal. Where are you going and why. In money terms this could mean what money do you need and why. Either way, you need a clear destination in mind.
Second, you need to understand what you have. What are the resources you can use to reach your goal. This includes your income as well as your assets. This could be existing savings, or your pension scheme, or an inheritance you hope to receive some time in the future.
Third, what might stop you reaching your goal? You will have expenses and liabilities along the way. For example, you have regular bills to pay and debts to service. These will eat up your money before you get to save it. How can you overcome these?
Finally, what could go wrong? What if costs go up in the future? What about inflation? What if you lose your job? What about stock market volatility? Understanding the risks that could prevent you reaching your goal means you can plan even more effectively. This is also where insurance comes in.
Nothing is guaranteed in life, and everything comes with risk, but a solid and realistic plan, reviewed often to make sure it’s on track, is the best chance you have of reaching your goal and avoiding any nasty surprises.

What advice does your plan need?


Financial Planning is the strategy that underpins your financial life.

If we advise on a product it must always be in service of helping you succeed in your plan.

Our financial planning services are independent of product sales. We may make recommendations but you are never under any obligation.

Families and

This is how we categorise our services for the general public.

Every family and every individual is different with their own special challenges and circumstances.

We work to understand your situation, your needs and tailor our advice to you.

Directors and
Business Owners

If you own or run a business you may have more complicated arrangements, and you may be able to benefit from cost and tax savings by using your business structure to work for you.

We can advise you on how to make the most of your business as part of your financial plan.

Companies and

Private limited companies and self-employed businesses can have their own unique circumstances.

Whether you need a simple workplace pension to a complex share-protection policy to protect the firm, we can help.

Your plan may be unique, but your challenges are often the same

Everyone has a plan of their own, and while the details change, the essentials are often the same.
You need to spend less than you earn. Your investments need to grow faster than inflation. You need to manage your costs, and you need insurance you can rely on in hard times.
We’ve been doing this for decades, and we can find the the companies, products and investments to suit you. And as a fully independent and chartered financial adviser, you can be sure that we only make recommendations we believe in.
If you want the best chance to reach your goal, or even if you don’t know where to start, get in touch and see how we can help. Our first meeting is at our expense, so you have nothing to lose if you want to find out more.