The Chartered Insurance Institute yesterday awarded BBi Financial Planning the coveted status of Chartered Financial Planners.


So now we get to update our logo, slap a gold badge on our paperwork and carry on business as usual, right?

Well, yes and no.

Yes, because in a very real sense nothing has changed. We are the same people doing the same job to the same standards that we were last week. Our Chartered award places us in the top 5% of financial planning firms in the UK, and by that measure there is not much farther we can go.

But also no, because we are not going to stop trying.

This award is a validation of our commitment to high levels of qualifications and that we work to the highest ethical standards.

Chartered status is a sign we are heading in the right direction. It’s a milestone, not a destination. Our goal is always to improve the standards of our work, and in keeping with the mission statement of the Berns Brett Group, to provide service levels that are the envy of our competitors.

We will keep trying to improve our performance by whatever metrics we can, whether that is in compliance standards, client satisfaction or profitability.

It’s a milestone, not a destination.

In the meantime the award of Chartered status is recognition of the hard work of our advisers (passing many exams over many years) and the high standards of conduct of all our staff.

This award is only made possible through the acheivements of the team.

So it’s not just about the gold badge. But that doesn’t mean we’re not proud of it!

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