Technical Club October 2019 - The Lies We Tell

Our final technical club event of 2019 takes place on the 30th October.

The Lies We Tell

Sometimes the worst lies are the ones we tell ourselves.

We all like to think that we’re rational, that we make good decisions, that we weigh up all the options.

But are we really being honest with ourselves?

Allow us to open your eyes to the hidden facts, stats and behaviours that control the how you and your clients spend  – or don’t spend – money.



10:00 – Registration

10:25 – Event starts

10:30 – Lost in the detail

11:00 – The psychology of money

11:30 – Why you’re bad at risk

12:00 – Event ends



BBi Financial Planning

The Old Court House

191 High Road

South Woodford


E18 2QF

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Event details

Lost in the detail presented by Peter Dixon

Charts and statistics can be used to prove anything. When looking at fund performance this can be more than simply misleading, it can cost you money.


In this presentation we will explain how charts can lie to you and how the fund industry can make anything look good. We’ll also show why our clear and simple approach to investment fund analysis meets the FCA requirements of being clear, fair and not misleading.

Speaker biography

Pete is the practice manager at BBi Financial Planning, having worked here for over 23 years.


The Psychology of Money presented by Peter Dixon

Do you think you’re sensible and only make rational decisions? If so you are lying to yourself. Even when it comes to money. Especially when it comes to money.


In this session we will uncover a few of the fascinating behavioural traits that affect how we deal with money, whether that is spending it, saving it, or losing it. You’ll also learn the real value of a dispassionate third party.


Speaker biography

Pete is the practice manager at BBi Financial Planning, having worked here for over 23 years.


Why You're Bad at Risk presented by Clive Lotherington

Do you know how many people play the lottery each week? Do you know how many people take out life insurance?


Do you know who is more likely to benefit?


Learn about the lies we tell ourselves about the risk of something happening, the impact of the same event, and what to do about it. 

Speaker biography

Clive is a highly experienced Employee Benefit Consultant and successful Business Development Manager, with a strong track record.
Clive has a focus on providing an excellent service, with the ability to solve problems and deal with issues should they arise. This leads to strong long lasting relationships that are based on trust.
Photo of Clive Lotherington